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Feel the Twitter of Zealous and Beautiful Birds in the Top 10 Bird Sanctuary of India

India is a land of amazing things. It is dazzling with diversities in each and every thing like religion, lands, culture, tradition, flora and fauna. India is also full with dense forest and rich wildlife. India is also the best destination for bird lovers. India is the home of several excellent and natural bird sanctuary .Get some from here.

1.Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Common Kingfisher in bharatpur

Common Kingfisher In Bharatpur(Image by Flickr)

Bharatpur bird sanctuary is official renowned as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park.It is located in the state Rajasthan. It is an amazing home of several rare domestic and foreign species of birds. It is estimated that around more than 300 species are available in the national park. Pelicans,Ducks,Shanks,Eagles,Stints,Wheatears,Warblers,Wagtails,Flycatchers,Larks,Pipits and Bunting are presently available in this bird sanctuary. Several species of cranes and rare Siberian Cranes are the major attraction of this park. Stay in forest lodges is the best charm among the tourists.

Get more detail about Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary-

2.Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

 hoopoe bird

Hoopoe bird in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary(Image by Flickr)

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located in Gurgaon district in Haryana State of  India. It is very beautiful and ideal bird watching place. It is national park. More than 100 migratory bird species reach there   to pass the winter. In the winter, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary become full with beautiful migratory birds like Ruff, Siberian Cranes, Nortern Pintail, Common Teal, Wood Sandpiper, Black tailed Godwit, Black crowned Night Heron and Long billed Pipit are the major attractions. There are a huge variety of resident birds like Purple sunbird, Gray Francolin, Spot billed Duck, Indian Rollar,White throated  Kingfisher, Red collared Dove, spotted Owlet and Common Mynah are always available here.

3.Salim Ali bird sanctuary or Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

red shanks

Red Shanks In Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary(Image By Flickr)

Salim Ali bird sanctuary is situated on the western end of the island of Chorao (Goa) along the river Mandovi, It is a dense forest and mangrove forest area. All encounter with the various species of birds can done by boats because there are no birds. As the very thick vegetation, you can see the low lying bird nests.Asian paradise-flycatcher, Jungle Owlet, Brown-breasted Flycatchers, Malabar Grey Hornbills, Fork-tailed Drongo Cuckoo, Grey-headed Bulbul and Indian Pitta are the major attraction of this bird sanctuary.

4.Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakon Bird Sanctuary

Birds In Kumarakon Bird Sanctuary(Image by Flickr)

Beautiful land Kerala is blessed with the Kumarakon Bird Sanctuary. It is located on the banks of Vembanad Lake which covers an area of 14 acres on the southern banks of Kavanar River in Kerala.

It is the great place to viewing migratory birds like egret, heron, teal and Siberian stork. You can also see night herons, golden-beaked woodpeckers, kingfishers blazing in psychedelic colors, fly catchers and many colorful birds.

5.Ranganathittu bird sanctuary

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Birds In Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary(Image By Flickr)

Ranganathittu is one of the most renowned weekend getaways near Mysore in Karnataka. It is largest bird sanctuary in Karnatka.It is a dense area full with trees and gardens.It is natural home of a huge variety of birds like White Ibis, Painted storks, Open billed storks, Pied Kingfisher, Purple and Grey Herons.

It is a very lovely place to visit and picnic.

6.Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary


Garganey In Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary(Image by Flickr)

Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is the oldest bird sanctuary of the India.Vedanthal bird sanctuary is a large protected area which is situated in the District Kancheepuram of the state Tamil Nadu. It is very beautiful place with panoramic landscapes, dense forest and tranquil lakes.

Vedanthangal is the home of migratory birds like garganey, blue-winged teal, pintail gray wagtail, common sandpiper.

7.Chilka lake bird sanctuary

Siberian birds-chilka

Siberian Birds In Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary(Image In Flickr)

Chilka  lake bird sanctuary is located in south west of Puri of the state Orissa. It is wildely famous for huge species of birds and Chilka lake. Chilka lake is the largest brackish lake in Asia. This sanctuary is widely known for the Siberian birds.

The Jacana, white-bellied sea eagles, greylag geese, purple moorhen, herons and flamingos are simply a delight to watch. This Bird Sanctuary is probably the best proliferation ground of the flamingos. It is also the home of about various species of fishes.

8.Nal  Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nal sarovar

Birds On Filght In Nal Sarovar (Image By Flickr)

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located in the Ahmedabad.A Large dense forest area around the Nal Sarovar Lake is conservative area of Nal Sarovar Bird sanctuary.It has been recognized as the most important wetland of India.

Due to its pleasant and natural environment, it becomes the home of several resident bird species and migrant varieties.

9. Thol  Bird Sanctuary

Indian Purple Moorhen

Indian Purple Moorhen In Thol Bird Sanctuary (Image By Flickr)

Thol Bird Sanctuary is situated around 40 kms northwest of Ahmedabad, in Mehsana District. There are a large number of small marshes at the edges and some scrub forest on the sides of the high embankments of Thol Lake.

Wonderful scrubland and panoramic beauty of Thol amaze the visitors.There are a huge species of birds  like Stonechats, Flycatchers , Robins ,Warblers, Prinias, Redstarts, Bee-eaters, Drongos, Parakeets, Woodpeckers, Starlings ,Indian Purple Moorhen and several other species of birds.

It is one of the finest places to visit but this is lesser known paradise for all the photographers and enthusiastic birders alike.

10. Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary

Demoiselle Crane

Demoiselle Crane In Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary(Image By Flickr)

Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary is spread around the 28 km of the river Ghataprabha in the
District Belgaum.This sanctuary is full with dense trees, beautiful landscapes and amazing species of birds.It is sandwiched between the agricultural fields.
The sanctuary is famous for migratory birds such as the European White Stork   and Demoiselle Crane .
Visit here to more information about the bird watching tours-

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Tiger Safari Reopens in Corbett National Park

The most famous Corbett National Park is the dwelling place of India’s most endangered species Bengal tiger. If you are in search of a real adventurous tour, then you can only experience it in the dense forest of Corbett National Park. Jeep and elephant safari amidst the dark forest always be ready to make your tiger watching excitement double.

Considering well-being of tigers, Supreme Court had banned tourism in the tiger protected areas for certain months as it was affecting the habitat of this endangered species. Don’t be disappointed! For you people only Supreme Court has lifted on this ban so that you can go close to the wildness of the national park. Tiger watching is really an extraordinary experience, which no one would like to miss. But safari tour is only available in certain paths, where tiger spotting is guaranteed. Jim Corbett National Park also endorses Horse Safari, Bird Safari and Fishing safari, which are incredibly amazing. Photography of every movement of tigers and other wildlife will not be a great idea? Safari is a journey that provides you the opportunity to unfold the beauty of the national park.

Residing in resorts of Corbett National Park, you can easily catch the wonderful view of the dense forest early in the morning. Jeep safari early with experienced guide helps you out in exploring the woodland effortlessly. Safari is available for a specific time depending upon the season. You can visit Corbett National Park anytime throughout the year, but October to June is considered the best time to visit. These months, high temperature never comes in your way to irritate you in excursion. Book in advance, safari tour in Corbett National Park to get the first preference.

For more information about Corbett Park Safari, visit :-

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Special Attractions in Indian Wildlife Tour

Indian soil witnessed of producing myriad ranges of animals and flora & fauna. To watch the uniqueness and the beauty of Indian wildlife, tourists seasonally drive to the national parks and sanctuaries. All these greenery dense parks have special attractions and preserve the wildness inside a certain area. If some are renowned for tiger reserve, some break the expectation limit of human being by showing different variety of colorful birds, which provides a great photographic option for the wildlife photographers as well as the naturalists.
Following are a few special attractions of some of the Indian wildlife parks:
1. Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal: The Park is accounted as the most beautiful national parks in India and renowned for spotting out endangered Bengal tiger. The 160 numbers of tiger population only can be seen in the tiger protected areas in the park. Jeep safari amidst Corbett National Park is the best option to get closer to the nature and watching the majestic tigers.

2. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur: Best place for the ornithologist and for the people who likes to spend the entire day in bird watching. The park is the host of 230 species of birds, among them some are migratory. The wonderful flying view and the melodious songs of birds always encourages the naturalist, poets and authors to write their best theme sitting amidst the nature.

3. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan: The National Park is known for tigers and best known for having highest density of tigers. Jeep safari and elephant safari amidst the park always attract the adventure enthusiasts and make a significant impact on the travelers to make the trip memorable. It is the easy mode of transportation and drives you close to the wildness of the park.

4. Kaziranga National Park, Assam: A World Heritage Site and the dwelling place of the rare, one horn rhinoceros, which can never be found in any other states in India. The park is easily reachable from the most commercial place of the state, Guwahati. Darkness and the wildness of the park will surely indulge your time and provide you the platform to experience the best adventure tour ever.

Apart from that you can also explore Asiatic Jackal, Leopard, Fox, Sloth Bear, Tiger, Bengal Fox, Jungle Cat, Gray Mongoose, Striped Hyena, Ratel, etc. in these forests during your wildlife tour in India. A wildlife tour with one of the India’s best travel agency, “The Indian Voyage” you can boost up your adventurous skills, which help in exploring the deepest part of the nature.

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