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Special Attractions in Indian Wildlife Tour

Indian soil witnessed of producing myriad ranges of animals and flora & fauna. To watch the uniqueness and the beauty of Indian wildlife, tourists seasonally drive to the national parks and sanctuaries. All these greenery dense parks have special attractions and preserve the wildness inside a certain area. If some are renowned for tiger reserve, some break the expectation limit of human being by showing different variety of colorful birds, which provides a great photographic option for the wildlife photographers as well as the naturalists.
Following are a few special attractions of some of the Indian wildlife parks:
1. Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal: The Park is accounted as the most beautiful national parks in India and renowned for spotting out endangered Bengal tiger. The 160 numbers of tiger population only can be seen in the tiger protected areas in the park. Jeep safari amidst Corbett National Park is the best option to get closer to the nature and watching the majestic tigers.

2. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur: Best place for the ornithologist and for the people who likes to spend the entire day in bird watching. The park is the host of 230 species of birds, among them some are migratory. The wonderful flying view and the melodious songs of birds always encourages the naturalist, poets and authors to write their best theme sitting amidst the nature.

3. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan: The National Park is known for tigers and best known for having highest density of tigers. Jeep safari and elephant safari amidst the park always attract the adventure enthusiasts and make a significant impact on the travelers to make the trip memorable. It is the easy mode of transportation and drives you close to the wildness of the park.

4. Kaziranga National Park, Assam: A World Heritage Site and the dwelling place of the rare, one horn rhinoceros, which can never be found in any other states in India. The park is easily reachable from the most commercial place of the state, Guwahati. Darkness and the wildness of the park will surely indulge your time and provide you the platform to experience the best adventure tour ever.

Apart from that you can also explore Asiatic Jackal, Leopard, Fox, Sloth Bear, Tiger, Bengal Fox, Jungle Cat, Gray Mongoose, Striped Hyena, Ratel, etc. in these forests during your wildlife tour in India. A wildlife tour with one of the India’s best travel agency, “The Indian Voyage” you can boost up your adventurous skills, which help in exploring the deepest part of the nature.

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Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park

Spending a holiday amidst the wildlife is scary, but thrill full. Boost up your wildness and drive to Bandhavgarh National Park to meet some surprising animals. The forest will introduce you with a rare species of tiger, which are known as white tiger. Bandhavgarh is accounted having the highest number of tigers in India, which can be best explored through safari tours.

Tiger safari is an incredible experience, which you must enjoy during your Bandhavgarh wildlife tour. Bandhavgarh jeep and elephant safari are two excellent mode of transportation, which never let you go without exploring the protected areas of tigers and the deepest part of the park. Tiger safari would be a unique opportunity for you, driving over which you can give wings to your existing interest in photography by capturing every amusing and unusual moment of animals. Animals never pose for the camera, so it will be very challenging time for you to capture the great shot, which can satisfy you.

Tiger safari is an excellent way to explore the untouched national area of Bandhavgarh National Park and allow you to go back to your home with amazing memories of Bandhavgarh wildlife tour. October is the month from when the craze of wildlife tour becomes wilder for the tourist because from this month most of the animals come out from the unreachable parts of the forest. Get the best wildlife tour package from the India’s leading travel agent “The Indian Voyage”, you can explore the majestic creature of God by experiencing tiger safari.

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Tiger Safari: Enjoy the Beauty of Environment

India is a vast country consisting of desired destinations which fascinate the tourists from all over the world. India is rich in its flora and fauna along with cultural diversities, forts, palaces heritage and archeological monuments.

 Historical and traditional sites, temples, religious buildings, beautiful hill stations with god gifted beauty, alluring backwaters, picturesque evergreen scenic views attract tourists from all over the world. India is home to exotic wildlife that reflects its wealthy flora and fauna in its various forms like wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, reserves and tiger’s dens.

 Tourists can plan tiger tours India to visit national parks and bio reserves. One of the most popular attractions in the wildlife of India is the royal Bengal tigers. The beauty of this tiger den is admirable. There are many tiger reserves in India where wildlife lovers can plan exciting tiger trip with their friends or can be visited alone. Elephant safari and jeep safari are the best ways to experience tiger’s tour in various tiger reserves of the country.

 Vacationers will have the opportunity to enjoy the sensational activities of majestic tigers with other attractive wild animals. Tourists will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature of the wildlife closely and get to know more about their life and other species associated with them.


Safety measures are taken to make the tour secure and healthy. Indian Wildlife safari is also provided by the travel company to experience the real world of wildlife closely. You will surely have a pleasurable time with your friends and families. Tourists will be given the opportunity to capture incredible images of the wonderful wildlife. The tour is suitable for everyone. The expert will guide the travels throughout the tour so that they can carry the right information with them when they go back.

 There is few wildlife destinations you love to visit in India are:

 Ranthambhore- it is one of the largest and finest national parks in the country with multiple flora and fauna including reptiles and other species. The key attractions of this park are tigers with huge population of diverse species of tigers. The tourist can have a great time especially in day time with lots of activities in the tiger natural habitat. For the best exploration of the Ranthambhore national park, jeep and elephant safari is the best option to view that diverse wildlife like panthers, leopards, jungle cats, deer, different birds, tigers, wolves.


Sunderbans-This national park is situated in the Madhya Pradesh which draws a great number of wildlife and adventure admirers throughout the world. The national park has nearly 400 tigers and they are good swimmers. The Sunderbans National Park is also known for other animals like turtles, crocodiles and other wild animals. If you are really interested to visit this destination then tiger tours India will be the best way to experience the rich Indian wildlife to your heart content. Plan the best tour and enjoy the tiger expedition in the India.

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